Parkinson’s disease and Sleep.

There could be a connection between Parkinson’s disease and the sleep process.  The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease seem to have a similarity to the physical processes that occur when we are in a deep sleep.  When  we are asleep our gastrointestinal tract slows down. Our urinary system has dulled signals. Our need for swallowing decreases and the signals from our brains that tell our arms and legs what to do changes. Our need to have or control our facial impulses diminish. I think it is related in a basic way to Schizophrenia only because it occurs in the same area of the brain that is in control while we are asleep. Parkinson’s  symptoms occur due to a faulty disconnection from the sleep area of the brain just like a lamp that is only partially plugged into a wall getting flickering symptoms.

Schizophrenics have a disconnection difficulty with the mental aspects of sleep and Parkinson’s  effected people have a disconnection problem with the physical aspects of sleep.

More details can be read here:


* What I think is interesting, is how Parkinsons symptoms seem to be the same as the physical

changes that happen to us during deep sleep.

ie..we dream we are running, but our legs don’t move.

And our gastrointestinal system slows down.

Our urinary system alters.

Our facial expressions while dreaming are flat.


And so Parkinsons and Schizophrenia both seem to me, to be

sleep disorders. Schizophrenia is a dream state while awake, and

Parkinsons is a physical sleep state while awake.


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